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Meet Madalena


Welcome to B•Alive Today! Madalena is the Heart & Soul of B•Alive Today. Passionate about what she does, she feels that Yoga is more than a practice – it’s a way of life. She believes that Coaching is a path for transformation both of individuals and organisations, contributing to a better society.

Madalena certified as a Professional Coach by The Coaching Training Institute, in 2015, in Dubai. Her clients are essentially 35–55-year-old professional women who find themselves in a career transition stage, longing to assure a seat at the decision table or want to developing leadership skills to assume leadership roles. Women that have seen their careers determined either by choices related to family assistance or only by their gender. She works mainly with middle management women supporting them to step into their potential and pursue the career of their dreams.

Madalena is currently a Member of the Board of the ICF Portugal Chapter as Vice-President of Operations. ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the main accrediting and credentialing body for both training programs and coaches and she feels very proud to be part of this team and serve her peer Coaches contributing to the recognition and development of this profession.

Yoga classes




Vinyasa Flow refers to the smooth way that the poses run together in a class. It encompasses many types of yoga, where the class strings poses together to make a sequence, where each movement is synchronised to a breath - the breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next.



Kundalini Yoga is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. It’s a dynamic, powerful yoga for experiencing your own soul. An energising and healing practice where we consciously combine breath, mudras (hand movement/posture), eye focus, mantra, bandhas (body locks), and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen our nervous system, expand our lung capacity, and purify our blood. A practice that transforms you immediately.



Based on TCM, Yin Yoga increases flexibility and strength through poses held for 5 to 7 minutes... using the meridians of the body, it stretches connective tissue and strengths muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and organs and promotes the communication between all the systems of your body. 
Although challenging,  Yin Yoga may take you to the depths of yourself and invigorate your whole body and spirit!

Based in Lisbon, Madalena is passionate about wellbeing, having certified as a Yoga Instructor in several types of yoga she gives regular Yoga classes online and at local studios. With over 1,500 hours of training in this field, she is committed to the practice of different styles of yoga like Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Therapeutic, Yin Yoga, Yoga for the Elderly and Kid’s Yoga. Madalena’s classes will challenge you and enrich your entire being through a self-knowledge process facilitated by pranayamas (breathing techniques), creative sequences and kriyas.

Madalena worked 17 years in the financial industry in the Human Resources field and offers HR Consultancy Services locally and internationally. 

She welcomes you to explore what B•Alive Today has to offer and invites you to try one of her yoga classes or schedule a free Discovery Coaching Session!



Like us, children face emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts throughout their lives. Therefore, a dedicated and intentional Yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures can be incredible valuable for them as the breathing, the concentration, the poses, and the way kids learn to act or react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness!



Therapeutic Yoga is a practice dedicated to people who find themselves struggling with back pain that often results from sitting for long periods of time.  It is designed taking in consideration situations already existent, such as back or spine issues, injuries or special conditions  due to lifestyle or profession, as well as anxiety, depression or stress management issues that yoga can impact.



Gain confidence and learn safe practices on your mat, or  take your practice to the next level in a private setting. 

In a private session, a one-on-one with your yoga instructor, the class will be tailor-made to assist you on your needs, focusing on your personal goals. Heath concerns and injuries can make a group class impractical and home-practice, although highly encouraged, may need guidance to avoid risks of improper alignments and possible injuries. Plus, private classes are perfect when your schedule doesn’t match the Studio schedule.  

Achieve your personal yoga goals with Madalena and book a private class.




“I have tried taking yoga sessions in the past with different Yoga Coaches but I really loved Yoga with Madalena. She explains every pose, its benefit to your body and soul. Not only that but the variation she takes your through moving from Vinyasa to Yin to Kundalini Yoga will allow you to experience what your body prefers. Madalena is a pleasant person with a loving heart, you will sense that from the first time you see her. I highly recommend that you join her classes and enjoy yoga surrounded by care and love.”

Aisha Al Shaikh Al Zaabi

Executive Mentor and Coach

Abu Dhabi

“I came to Madalena's classes as a yoga novice and certainly not the fittest person in the world. I need not have worried as Madalena was very patient and her inclusive approach soon put me at ease. I cannot emphasise enough how much I have improved my well being, both mentally and physically as a result of Madalena's teachings. Her classes have been stimulating, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. Many of the techniques I have learnt, are now standard practise in my everyday life, -from the breathing techniques to the mediation. It has improved my awareness and confidence in dealing with challenging situations, immeasurably. ”

Anna Orman

Abu Dhabi / Dublin

“5 years ago I took private Kundalini Yoga classes with Madalena .

I was quite weak due to a chronic disease . Madalena modified each class beautifully to give me just what I needed .

As soon as I was strong enough I joined Madalena’s classes at Anahata spa.

Vinyasa flow, Kundalini , and more recently Yin yoga .


Madalena is an excellent Teacher and a dear friend . She brings to each class clarity , humour , spirituality, And thorough information.” 

Jean McTaggart

Abu Dhabi/USA

“I started doing yoga for the first time 4 and a half years ago, with Madalena at Anahata Spa.  I loved it straight away - Madalena is an excellent yoga instructor.  

I started with Vinyasa flow, which I really enjoy.  Madalena then introduced us to Kundalini, which was different, but I loved it.  

Madalena then did her Yin yoga training.  She then wanted to share what she had learned with us and we started Yin yoga - I love all three types of Yoga.

Madalena is very passionate about yoga and it shows in every class.  

After each class we finish with a cup of ginger tea and a chat - this way we get to meet new people.  Through Madalena’s Yoga class I have made life long friends.

Yoga with Madalena is great and I highly recommend her classes.”

Denise Alves. Abu Dhabi

"My experience with was so good, engaging, she is a good listener which gave me confidence to express myself. she is good in following up on whatever we agreed. our session was really in time.." Anonymous / 

"The experience in general was a great one. I am so happy with the coaching sessions I had with my amazing coach. She is a great listener and a huge supporter. She helped me to reflect on many issues that have been causing me stress. I was literally counting the days for my next session with her. I was actually sad that the sessions had to come to an end."    Anonymous / Iraq

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